Immanuel's Story

We are a community of believers located in Grand Rapids, MI dedicated to coming together and learning about how the Gospel narrative resonates with our own stories.

Immanuel Reformed was founded in 1907, and have been worshiping at our location @ 1300 East Beltline since 1984. We are a Reformed Church, and we welcome one and all to worship with us!

Our mission here at Immanuel Reformed Church is to equip this generation or service to God and this World in ways that our consistent with our core values or worship, prayer and community stewardship.

Worship that includes praise, thanksgiving, biblical preaching, and the celebration of the sacraments.

Prayer as central to all areas of our lives, both personal and corporate.

Stewardship of all our resources as a response to God’s grace

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Our Mission is to equip this generation for service to God and ministry in the world in ways consistent with our core values.

Immanuel Reformed Church Mission Statement