Immanuel $10 Challenge!

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Showing God’s Provision…Speaking God’s Presence.



For over four years Immanuel Reformed Church has been challenging members of their congregation to take $10 and use it to go out and make a difference in someone's life.  The $10 Challenge continues to astound and amaze! Each year, we step out of our comfort zone, open our hearts and ears to hurting people, and show that God provides for people. In 2016, we gave $12,846 to people far and near who have needs! That is the most that we have given in a single a year. Wow! God has blessed us and we are courageous to share the blessing with others.


 Through the $10 Challenge, Immanuel Reformed Church has been able to help not only people in need right here in Grand Rapids, but also across country and even around the globe. We have given directly to individuals and families whom we know, and have also given to various non-profit agencies who help specific demographics of people in need. No matter how it is done, there are people who are able to take a step forward with the provision of and presence of the Holy Spirit.  


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